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Once addicted bad habits takes you to the path of loss. We think certain addictions trim down our worries but to be honest it does the opposite. Smoking is the most widespread yet an injurious bad habit. This is one of the cheapest drugs and is puffed by most people. The urge of this bad habit smoking passes in every 5 minutes. There are many different ways to get rid of this ill-habit which causes major health weaknesses such as lung problems, asthma, cancer, tuberculosis and many more. The doctors have demonstrated the fact quite evidently that each cigarette lessens down 14 seconds of your life. So you can imagine smoking puts your life at stake if absorbed religiously.

Some of the most effective ways that will undoubtedly help you in combating this bad habit of smoking are being described as follows. Drink as much glasses of water as you can when that bad habit of smoking will whack you. Besides, dodge yourself from having any of those drinks that you associated with this bad habit. Go in for some free hand exercise which will rejuvenate you and will also trim down your stress, have some quality fun time with your mates and family so that you don’t plunge on smoking and most notably share your thoughts with your loved ones if there is any worldly tensions or fears instead of indulging yourself into such a terrifying bad habit. Meditation also helps you immensely to quit the bad habit of smoking as in when you take one minute vacation by practicing deep breathing, it kills your urge of involving into this bad habit.

Zyban, a drug that was intended as an antidepressant is widely used now a day in most stop smoking programs. It is effective and is capable to restrict your cravings for nicotine. Compared with traditional therapies it was proved to be a great success. Studies have proved 30% success rate after a year, among people who used Zyban alone compared to 15% among those who chose nicotine replacement. These percentages can be improved even more by trying a combination of both.

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Quitting is not an easy undertaking. It requires effort, determination and commitment.

  • Accept the fact that you need to quit. Do not deny the adverse health effects that you are unnecessarily putting yourself (and those around you) through.
  • Be prepared for anxious and resistant feelings. Since nicotine is habit-forming, just thinking about quitting may make you feel anxious – this is quite common. Give yourself a specified amount of time to identify and move beyond these feelings.
  • Take quitting one day at a time, even one minute at a time or whatever you need to succeed and find support!
  • Develop a quit plan that works best for your needs. See Help guide’s references and resources for sample plans provided by many prominent organizations and government agencies.
  • Talk to your doctor or health professional to help develop a plan.
  • Enlist the help of family and friends by telling them about your plans.
  • Ask others who have quit how they handled withdrawal symptoms – both psychological and physical.
  • Learn new behaviors. If you’ve tried quitting before, identify what did and didn’t work for you. Build on your strengths and discover new techniques.

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