Friday, March 2, 2007
Obesity may develop due to countless reasons and among them, they key cause is over-eating, that is, intake of excess calories. Often people forget to check the calories contained in the food they are having and later on has to go for unpleasing diet against their choice. Obesity doesn’t develop overnight. It is a long process and takes quite a fair amount of years to get hitched with the problem. When someone lives on high calorie or more fat containing food for year after year, he or she is bound to gain weight which would appear in their body. Fat might hit at any area in your body; it can be your liver, bones and glands. And this internal obese is way too harmful than external one. The fat containing in these foods delivers excess energy which is stored in the body cells in the form of fat and sugar and gives the individual the outward appearance of being overweight.

Apart from over-eating, there are other factors too that invites obesity. These are as follows:

- Inactive or Sedentary lifestyle
- A high glycemic diet. Such as a diet that consists of meals that give high postprandial
blood sugar
- Weight cycling, caused by repeated attempts to lose weight by dieting
- Underlying illness such as hypothyroidism
- Genetic disorders
- Eating disorders such as binge eating disorder
- Stressful mentality
- Insufficient sleep
- Certain medications such as atypical antipsychotic
- Smoking cessation
- Genetic factors

The most prevalent age for obesity is the middle age but obesity can also occur at any age depending on the consumption of the factors mentioned above. In many developing countries, obesity prevails in wealthy families whereas in the developed countries, obesity occurs mostly in lower socio-economic groups. You can also get victimized to obesity for hereditary factors. Obesity tends to run in some families and therefore the later generations are attacked by it.

Another most important cause of obesity for women is their pregnancy. It commonly occurs in women at the beginning of their puberty or menopause. Abnormal influence or imbalance can be one of the causes of obesity. The use of steroids, oral contraceptives and insulin is commonly followed by weight gain. These are some of the most important factors that cause obesity at any point of life.

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