Monday, April 7, 2008
Hi friends! Because of unavoidable reasons, I could not post in the long period in between. However, with Passover around the corner, I had to get across what the significance of Passover is in the modern sense of the term.

The religious connotations of Passover can be interpreted in the modern sense to derive inspirational comments. Passover is celebrated to commemorate the freedom of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. We can derive a lot of inspiration from this story of supreme human courage to rise up to the numerous challenges that life throws at us. We must stand up for our rights and fight till the end, with our honor and dignity intact. This is what the spirit of Passover is all about. This is what we must try to learn from the occasion of Passover.

Wish your friends and family Happy Passover and infuse them with the spirit of Passover. Click away on these cards and send across your best wishes.

Tradition Of Pesach... A beautiful ecard to relive the triumphant spirit of those who followed Moses and took part in the Exodus.

Joyful Passover! This card incorporates all the elements of the seder coupled with a warm Passover wish.

Happy Passover! Wish everyone you know a joyous Passover with this elegant ecard.

Seder Invite... Invite friends or family to join you for a traditional Passover Invitation.

Seder Of Joy... Wish friends and family a joyful Seder!

Seder Filled With Smiles! Wish your friends/family/dear ones a joyous Seder with this cute ecard.

Joyful Seder... Celebrate with friends and family the joys of Seder.

Happiness, Togetherness And Smiles... Send your wishes for a warm and joyous Seder to everyone with this bright ecard.

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