Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Exams are a time when stress levels are higher than usual. Stress can be positive; helping you to stay motivated and focused. However, too much stress can be unhelpful; it can make you feel overwhelmed, confused, exhausted and edgy. It's important to try and keep things in perspective and find ways of reducing stress if things seem to be getting on top of you.

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Few tips to manage Exam Stress are as follows:

  • Keep your routine outside study and take regular breaks - It's important to have regular study breaks and time for relaxation and exercise. Going for a walk, run or to the gym is not a waste of time it is a great way to clear your head and help you study better. Watching your favorite TV show or going to the movies are also good ways to take a break from studying.
  • Limit drugs - Caffeine (e.g. coffee, no-doze, V) and other drugs (e.g. speed, coke) give you a short lift before making you crash and burn. They can make you feel sick, and unable to sleep or concentrate properly. You actually study better with regular breaks, getting lots of sleep and exercise.
  • Have a number of options for the future - Getting the marks to get into your first preference is great, but it's not the end of the world if you don't - there are other options to get into your course. These include deferring and getting some practical experience in your field, doing further study, writing to the university, retaking some subjects in some cases, or transferring in after a year or two. And, if you do accept another offer, you may even find that you like it.
  • Manage expectations - External pressures around exams can be huge. It can be hard to deal with, especially with family and people you respect, but you need to remember that it's your life and your exam, with you in control.
  • Look after your body - It's easy to let exams get on top of you and to forget to look after yourself. If possible try to get a good night sleep. It's a good time to make an effort to eat healthy, including plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Ask for and accept support - If you're feeling overwhelmed, you might find it helpful to talk to a teacher or counselor. It's also important to ask for, and accept, support from your family if you can. This support might be practical, like picking you up from the library, or emotional, including advice or help.

Always remember one thing that there is a light at the end of every tunnel you pass through. Exams have a beginning and an end, and the stress that goes along with them should end with the exam. And once you are done with the exam, all your stress will blow off and bring in your life a great time to enjoy.

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