Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Procrastination, the long-winded word has a lot to trip you up with. It means to put off, or defer an action till another day in time. Instead of tackling first things first, you prefer to squander time just because you are in no mood to work. You may prefer to take on inconsequential tasks like answering mail, making telephone calls and justify this by calling it 'priority'. At the end of the day, major tasks suffer as a result and you are in the 'last minute rut' again.

Go For It ! An inspiring message for all your near and dear ones.

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Here are some ways to fight back Procrastination:

  • Some tasks or projects or any job which would seem the toughest of all, those suffering from procrastination tends to laid back and keep it aside to accomplish later on. This is the first problem which needs to be destroyed at the very first step of your fight back. No matter, how much tough the job, do it first. Take your time and do the job successfully. As the feel good factor takes effect, your confidence levels will also reach a new high.
  • One effective way to prioritize your work is to draw up a checklist where you list the jobs in their order of priority. Make sure you keep it in a handy place so that you can update it on a daily basis. Allot more time for the major jobs and marginalize the minor ones.
  • If you fail at the very first attempt of a task, there might be a feeling of disappointment and loss at that moment. You have to fight it out otherwise you will lose your confidence which will lead you to procrastination. If you have to improve and enhance your skills to equip you, now's the time to do it. Take time to get over the loss and this will make you regain the process faster.
  • A very tough job might loom impossible for you and if you can’t take a note of your confidence level. Instead of making the situation more panicky, divide one tough job into small manageable tasks. If it means you have to delegate some work to your co-worker or subordinate, then do so.
  • Strive towards Perfection and don't ever compromise on quality. There's no use doing a hotchpotch, rushed up job of it. So make sure you deliver top quality work, even if you have to work overtime towards this.
  • Don't try and blame circumstances or people for your inefficiency. Stop the 'ifs' and 'if onlys' and get on with the job and you'll be surprised at the work you are actually capable of.
  • Analyze your performance at the end of the day and try to plug those leaks. There may have been ways you could have done a better job. Try and implement improvements the next time around.

Never Put Off Till Tomorrow... A fun advice for your friends/ family/ acquaintances.

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