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Alcoholism is a kind of disorder in which a person finds it difficult to refrain from excessive and frequent alcohol consumption. It is a chronic disorder. It not only demeans a person's personal, social and professional life, but turn them into a big curse for the society as well.

People who are high on alcohol are very easy to notice. They have bloodshot eyes and a high pulse rate. Due to alcohol's side effects, they become very emotional and irritable. Apart from these there are other symptoms too. A person on regular consumption of alcohol will have a disturbed sleep and delirium. Besides this, excess drinking damages your liver and stomach. Talking on the extreme side it can also damage the brain cells and also the heart.

Alcoholism is more of a social disease than an individual one. So it becomes our mutual responsibility as a society to accept alcoholists and bring awareness to them. To cater this, apart from various physiological treatments, numerous effective home remedies are also available to mankind. Such home remedies are very simple and easy to follow. They are:

1.Grapes: It is one of the most effective home remedy for curing alcoholism. Grapes have in them the purest form of alcohol making agent and it is an ideal substitute for alcoholics. Therefore intake of grapes, can effectively reduce the alcoholism.

2.Bitter Gourd: The leaves of bitter gourd produces a kind of juice which is a good medicine to cure the intoxicating effects produced by alcohol. It also helps to repair the damaged cells and tissues of the liver. It is advisable to take three teaspoons of bitter gourd juice mixed with butter milk every morning, to get the desired effects.

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3.Apples: As the age old saying goes, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Yes! apples prove to be a very effective remedy for curing alcoholism. They help by removing the intoxicated elements produced by alcohol consumption and also reduces the urge of taking alcohol frequently.

4.Celery: The juice produced from celery has a sobering effect on an alcoholists and thus proves to be a good home remedy. It is advisable to take it daily with water for a month to produce the desired effects.

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5.Dates: They are considered one of the most beneficial home treatments to cure alcoholism. Rubbed dates in water should be consumed by people with such a disorder.

A general prevention and cure for any disease is a proper diet. The same holds true with the disorder of alcoholism too. To recover from this disorder, it is advisable to build up the integrity of the type of diet and nutrition intake. You should inculcate lots of juices in your diet. Juices considerably reduce your urge to consume alcohol. Apart from this physical exercising also helps. Optimal diet including all the vital nutrients is also essential. The diet chart can consist of vegetables, cereals, nuts, sprouts, whole grains, to name a few. Besides this, there are certain foods that you should avoid eating. They are white flour, meat, sugar, various strong condiments.

Apart from them, there are several other suggestions and herbal treatments to cure alcoholism. Of them the willingness of a person to quit drinking is very crucial. Smoking should also be avoided as it increases your desire to consume alcohol.

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Article Source: Curing Alchoholism


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